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About Us

Our mission

Share the love of God for the life our community. We envision this happening through reaching out to those around us in acts of love and deeds of mercy, by reaching in to edify care for and equip one another, and reaching up to God in heartfelt worship through Jesus Christ.

In a word, our vision is to be a church,  Reaching out, Reaching in, Reaching up. 





As God's Word, the Bible has the power to transform hearts and lives.  As such, it is at the center of all that we do in ministry and as a community of believers. Through Scripture we discover who God is, who we are, and the way back, through Jesus, to a relationship with God and one another.


We profess and proclaim the historic Christian faith as revealed in Scripture and summarized in the Apostle’s Creed and the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms. Although subordinate to the Bible in their authority, these confessional documents set forth our understanding of biblical truth in a consistent and concise form. We seek to articulate these truths clearly, defend them reasonably, and live them out graciously.


This means we are a church governed and led by a team of elders ( "shepherds" is a Biblical term for elders ) who are leaders selected from and elected by the congregation.

As Presbyterians we believe God calls the local church to be connected with other like-minded churches; and in such a relationship, we enjoy a true sense of both cooperation and accountability.


We want to be a safe space to nurture an atmosphere where people can be open, honest, and real. There is enough hiding from one another.  So whether in one of our small groups ("connect groups") or when we simply hang out with each other, we want to be those who extend grace, exhibit mutual understanding, and learn how to guard each other's dignity.

We are Missional

God’s purpose and plan is to bring about the redemption of the whole of his creation by bringing all things into unity in Christ. To be missional means we are participating in the purposes of God (i.e. the mission of God) in the world. This includes not only the proclamation of the gospel, discipleship and teaching; but love, mercy, acts of kindness, and seeking justice for God’s glory, for the good of society, and the upbuilding of the church.


OUR CORE BELIEFS   (click here)



A new name for West County Pres . . . . 


The RESULTS ARE IN (June 18, 2019)


And the new name of West County Presbyterian is  ... 


We will be known as “Highlands Church"

Yes, that is the name the majority voted for. It took a few congregational meeting, a survey, and much discussion.  But we did it.  We have a new name, and a new location, and another chapter in the life of the church begins.

 It will take a while for the name change to become legal and just as much time for it to become widely used.  We are in the process of changing the website, our logo, and more. However, you can begin using the new name now!! 

Our new web domain is: (not case sensitive).  

Remember, this is a name change.  It is  not  a change in the direction, worship, ministry, or mission of the church. The church remains constant in these ways.