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What to Expect

Our service is casual - come as you are. The songs, readings, and other elements of the Sunday Service are drawn from a wide variety of sources and styles. You may encounter something written 300 years ago or 300 days!

We see the story of the Gospel embodied in the shape and structure of our Sunday morning worship (liturgy). Our order of worship is crafted in such a way as to demonstrate the ‘rhythms of grace.’

Therefore, you will experience a flow to our Worship

  • ◦ First, we are reminded that it is God who has taken the initiative and called us to worship. We respond in praise for his goodness and grace, declaring him God over all.
    ◦ That flows into a movement of renewal, in which the congregation confesses its sin before the almighty and holy God and, through the words of assurance, receives his mercy afresh. That results in joy, and so we respond to God’s grace through song, while preparing our hearts to hear instruction from his word.
    ◦ After we study His Word, we share our offering and reflect on the great truths we have just heard.
    ◦ The service then culminates in the celebration of the Lord’s Supper, or Communion, where we ransomed and redeemed sinners-turned-children-of-God, share a symbolic meal with the God of the universe as our Host. We sing joyously in response to these truths.

We believe that God uses this flow of worship to form us and change us, and to continually remind us of the story, his story - -  of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. We strive to make clear who God is and what he has done in the world. We pray that he may be glorified in our services, and that through these services, we may see and savor the greatness of our God.


Where is Highlands Church (formerly West County Pres) located?
In one sense, Highlands is located all over West County St. Louis as our people and ministries are working throughout West County. But we meet at 10am every Sunday for worship at the Seventh Day Adventist campus located on the corner of  Wild Horse Creek and Baxter Roads ( 16800 Baxter Road, Chesterfield).

What time are your worship services and educational programs?
We meet for worship at 10 am in the Seventh Day Adventist worship center while, in a separate classroom setting, we provide educational programs for children, age 2yrs through elementary school.

How long is your worship service?
Generally our worship service is about 1 hour and 15 minutes long.

What should I wear?
Wear what feels comfortable for you.  Most people dress casually.

Where can I park?
The Adventist campus (our campus) has ample free parking around its building.

Do you have childcare?
We provide a fully trained childcare staff for our educational programs and worship service (at the moment, we do not provide nursery or childcare due to Covid).

Is there a youth program?
Middle school and high school aged children join us for Sunday morning worship and connect groups.

What is worship like?
Our worship is a mix of traditional and modern music in a relaxed but reverent atmosphere. For instance, we may recite an ancient creed together or watch a brief video of someone from our church family sharing how God has worked in their life. At the core, we are trying to celebrate God’s mercy towards us and we hope people walk away with a sense of excitement and joy.

Do you serve communion?
We serve communion weekly.

Is Highlands associated with any other churches or denominations?
We are a member congregation of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC).

I’m from a (fill in the blank) religious background. Is that OK?
We welcome you whatever your religious background (or non-religious background) and hope you will feel free to visit on any Sunday morning.