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The Gospel according to David: God has had a reputation for compassion and mercy. For forgiveness and love. The N.T. didn’t give us that, rather, the N.T. BUILDS on that. Psalm 103 is Psalm of praise which focuses God’s steadfast love.

August 18, 2019 Speaker: Jordan Dayoub Series: Summer in the Psalms

Topic: Summer in the Psalms Passage: Psalm 103

 Because of our sin, we deserve the wrath and judgment of God. 

The basic Idea: The Lord’s abounding steadfast love, so much greater and more lasting than his anger at sin, is the ground and hope for forgiveness for sinners. 


Good parents know their children’s sins, especially when they’re younger and don’t have the skills to hide selfishness or impatience or lack of wisdom. But a good father loves his kids anyway. 


Now if you grew up without a Father or estranged from your father you may not have those warm images of dad on the sideline of your sports events cheering you on. Dad shouting, you can do it! And when you fail dad says, you know what?—don’t give up, you’ll succeed next time around. Always encouraging, always for you, never against you.  


That’s the God of our salvation—he’s for us and always filled with compassion for us.