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"The Resurrection:" The empty tomb must be explained. Jesus’ resurrection is the grounds of Christian hope. Click for more . . .

November 11, 2018 Series: Luke: The Story of Salvation

Passage: Luke 24:1–27

The empty tomb is not self explanatory

The resurrection vindicates hope

That the scars of the crucifixion remain Jesus’ resurrection is important because it shows us: #1 that he was not just a spirit/apparition—his resurrection is physical. 

#2, it is a forever reminder that we preach a crucified Savior. That even in glory, the wounds of his suffering and death remain. And, that there is no forgiveness that brings acquittal before God—without those scars! 

The resurrected body has NOT been so transformed so that the disfigurement of his suffering has been erased. 

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