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Missions & Outreach

Missions and Outreach


Our Church stands behind our missionaries and our local involvement in organizations designed to build people up in Christ.


Missions around the world:


Meet our missionaries serving in England: Jonathan & Leah Jakes 

Since they were children, Jonathan and Leah have sensed God calling them into full-time, long-term, cross-cultural ministry. In connection with the local church, they hope to serve through neighboring, counseling, and discipling within various unreached people groups in London, England. Please join them in praying Psalm 107:20-22, “He sent out His Word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction. Let them thank the LORD for His steadfast love, for His wondrous works to the children of humankind. Let them offer sacrifices of thanksgiving, and tell of His works in songs of joy.”

 Click here to pull up a brief brochure about the Jakes and their work in England.




Click here to see their latest video (June 2021)

Jakes Summer Video





We have also introduced our congregation to the Wijngaarden Family


Andreas and Katharine van Wijngaarden, together with their sons Luca and Sem were all born in the Netherlands but also lived abroad for several years. For many years Andreas made a living by his entrepreneurial activities with setting up businesses, but that changed dramatically in 2018 when, by faith, they made the choice to follow the call for church ministry.


Their biggest desire is to be used by God to bring people to Christ and to help followers of Christ grow in their discipleship in all of life — a mission that is foremost relationally driven.


They believe God calls them to fulfill the mission by serving in a local community through being involved in church ministry in Cambridge, England. With the Lord's blessing, they not only pray to see that many may come to and grow in Christ through the church ministry, but also that they may be part of the restoration of a secular Europe.

They particularly desire that the main national centers of the reformed tradition in Europe (i.e. United Kingdom and the Netherlands) may once again be characterized by Christianity to the glory of God.

Church Ministry

Their priority on the mission field is to join the core group of an intended church plant (by people with a L'abri background) in its early stages. Inspired by Francis Schaeffer, the group's vision focuses on witnessing to secular skeptics.

Besides that, Andreas will also be working on extending the activities of the Center for Faith & Work ( to Cambridge, England and potentially further into Europe.

More information

If you are interested in partnering with them or want more information before considering joining the monthly support team, you can email them.  Their webpage (from which their bio is taken) is as follows:

Or you may click here for their downloadable brochure.