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Abide Church Plant

Highlands Church is supporting Herman Armstrong as our Church Planter Resident. Abide Community Church desires to exist and remain in North St. Louis City to provide hope, restore dignity, and shine the light of Christ’s love.

 Why Abide? Why Community?

Abide: In John 15 Jesus tells His disciples to abide, or remain, in Him. Jesus calls His disciples to depend on Him as a branch depends on a vine. A branch can only exist as an extension of the vine. A vine is the source of life for a branch as it provides meaning and purpose. The branch can only yield what the vine produces through it. Like a branch, Abide Community Church desires to exist and remain in North City to share the gospel, provide sound theological teaching, and be a conduit of Christ’s love.

 Community: Abide Community Church aims to promote a sense of unity and collaboration in the St. Louis area. Through community partnerships, we will provide access to educational and career resources, promote mental health awareness, and catalyze racial unity.

 Abide Church: A Gospel-Centered Mission and Vision

Mission: Empowering our community through Christ’s love to live healthy lives. 

  • Sharing the gospel and relational discipleship (Matt. 28:19-20).
  • Access to opportunities that enable people to live stable and productive lives.

Vision: To be a healthy church in North St. Louis that glorifies God through evangelism, discipleship, and racial unity.

  • Members are using their gifts to edify each other (Eph. 4:11-16). 
  • Continually reaching out to the lost (Matt. 28:18-20).
  • Focus on spiritual maturity and a deeper relationship with Christ.

Click here to download a document with a deeper explanation of the purpose and plans of Abide Community Church

 Will You Partner With Us?

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“This is a homecoming for me. For many years I have sensed a call from God to serve the community I grew up in. He has placed a deep burden on my heart to minister to North St. Louis. Please pray for God’s direction and provision in these efforts and prayerfully consider how you may be able to support Abide Community Church. We are rooted and remaining in North St. Louis for God’s glory” 

                                                                  - Herman C. Armstrong

Armstrong Family